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Triple Crown Construction is an innovative provider of construction and real estate development services. Our team’s experience provides our clients with expertise in a variety of building types across the country including commercial, multi-family housing, senior living, retail, office, industrial, and hospitality.


Triple Crown Construction is a full-service construction and development company that offers pre-construction, construction, and post-construction services to meet the clients’ needs. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to the client’s satisfaction before, during and after the project is complete.

Construction Consulting

Owner Advisor / Owner Rep

  • Extension of the owner throughout the planning, design, and construction phases

  • Ensures that the owner’s quality, cost, and schedule objectives are met

Construction Management

Pre-Construction Services

  • Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Procurement

Project Oversight

  • On-site Supervision

  • Bidding and Coordination of Trades

  • Quality Control

  • Safety

General Contracting

Project Types

  • New Build

  • Renovation

  • Tenant Improvements


  • 15 States

Contract Options

  • Negotiated (Lump Sum/GMP)

  • Integrated Project Delivery

  • Design-Build

  • Cost-Plus

Construction site

Real Estate Development

Creating investment value

  • Due Diligence

  • Entitlement

  • Budget / Pro Forma Analysis

  • Architectural & Engineering Coordination

  • Construction Management

  • Program Management

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